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Debbie Jewson's Own Story
Why chose us to help you?  Because there is no one more qualified to give help and advice than someone who has had a weight problem and successfully lost that weight and more importantly kept the weight off - not just for a short period but for 18 years!

This is me (I am wearing the same kit in the 2002 and 2013 photos!).

Debbie 1997 aged 37  
Debbie 2002 aged 42
Debbie 2013 aged 53
Debbie 1997 Debbie 2002 Debbie 2013
So what is the key?  Weight loss is not about fad or starvation dieting, it is about recognising that to lose weight and keep it off you need to make lifestyle changes.  I found that it was important never to feel hungry as this could lead to binge eating.  Replacing bad and fattening foods with healthy but delicious substitutes meant that I never felt unsatisfied after a meal and whilst eating well and enjoying my food I saw the weight disappearing. 

The key to maintaining weight loss is a steady and gradual loss of those extra pounds.  Apart from an initial drop in weight in the first week
of 3 lbs (which is quite common)  I lost a steady 1-2 lbs every week until my weight fell from a giant 14 stone 2 lbs (size 22) to 8 stone 7 lbs (size 8-10).  I have often been asked - how did you do it?  My simple answer is "you have to really want it".  Many of us want to lose weight but do not want to do what we need to in order to be successful both short term and long term. 

So here is where Wombat Fitness comes in.  We can help you with nutritional advice, the foods to eat, those to avoid, how to substitute unhealthy and fattening foods with healthier ones tailoured to your personal tastes.  We can provide exercise programmes to do with our personal trainers and exercises to do at home appropriate to your level of fitness that will kick start your metabolism so you can burn extra calories whilst still maintaining a good and healthy diet and improving your overall fitness levels.  We can give you the confidence, support and motivation to stick with it so you can achieve the ultimate goal - a healthy body that looks great!

If you have a lot of weight to lose you will not turn into an elite athlete overnight - I certainly didn't!  However any exercise even walking or chair exercises which help your fitness levels will assist in weight loss.  We can plan it for you.

Come on take the plunge - join me in making that life change that could literally save you from health risks such as diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart disease etc. 

We can all enjoy a long healthy and happy life!
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