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Massage Therapist - Ernie Jewson

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Sports Massage
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Ernie is a qualified Level 4 ITEC Sports Massage Therapist (an internationally recognised qualification). 

Explanation of treatments offered

Sports massage is a deep tissue therapy aimed at relieving the stress, pain and tension within muscles. It can be used to aid recovery, prevent or treat injury and enhance performance. Sports Massage is not just for sportspersons or athletes.  Anyone can benefit from a sports massage. 

We can treat pain or tension experienced from a non-sport related injury or from a work related problem or even caused by your day to day activities.  

Sports massage can help by both preventative therapy to minimise the risk of injury or improve performance and by injury rehabilitation to treat a recent or long-standing injury or condition.

We can help improve posture and increase flexibility and range of movement with our treatments. 

However, we also feel that relaxation is also an important part of health and fitness so we take a holisitic approach to our sports massage treatments.  If you are simply seeking a relaxing massage to reduce stress we can also provide that.  Our latest treatment offered is hot stone massage  for the ultimate in relaxation.

To arrange an appointment or to discuss our treatments telephone, text or email us.

What happens at the Appointment?

Before any treatment is undertaken, a short confidential consultation will be undertaken where you can explain the type of treatment/massage you are seeking and the details of any injury (and any associated history) and we will explain our treatments to you and screen for any conditions that may be impact upon the therapy.

Treatment will be conducted in the privacy of our Studio.

Research suggests that excessive pressure is not beneficial in massage and the pressure used will be sufficient to release pain and tension without causing undue discomfort.

Muscles are also subject to secondary tension which is essentially an involuntary contraction of only a small portion of the muscle, creating pain and dysfunction within the muscle. Trigger Points occur in muscles which have been traumatised by accidents, sports, occupational stress, and overuse. Once a Trigger Point develops, it can remain for life unless properly treated.  Trigger Points have been shown to be a common cause of musculoskeletal pain and cause the muscle to remain tight, limiting range of movement, which weakens the muscle, causing atrophy and puts stress on the points where the muscles attach to the bones as well. This often leads to pain in nearby joints.  A unique feature that distinguishes Trigger Points from other muscle pain is that they almost always refer pain to other areas of the body. Most treatments often assume that the area of pain should also be the source of pain, yet the actual cause could be in a completely different location.  One of the treatments we offer is Trigger Point therapy which reduces pain and tension, increases movement and allows the muscles to lengthen and become stronger again.

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Sports Massage

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