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When it comes to running there are few more experienced than Ernie.

He has trained many runners from short distance runners (5k, 10k) to marathon and ultra distance runners and he has trained two Essex Championship Runners, a Gold Medalist and a Bronze Medalist.  

As a level 3 personal trainer and level 4 sports massage therapist Ernie is aptly qualified to train runners to the level they aspire to and keep them injury-free. Whether you want to run your first 5k or first marathon or become a fast or faster runner we can help.

Ernie came into ultraErnie Bungay running later in life but believes much of his experience and knowledge  was gained from wilderness trekking and survival skills he had learnt from his teenage years.  He undertook his first unsupervised multi-day trek (without tents)  in the Australian Alps when he was just 16.  He has been wilderness trekking and trout fishing throughout his life over rugged and mountainous terrain for many days/weeks at a time in his home country of Australia, in the Himalayas, Lapland and Greenland.  The survival and endurance skills he gained from this background helped him in his progression into ultra running at a much later date.  

In 2002 at the age of 46 he entered his first ultra, the 54 mile London top Brighton Race, an event he competed in 3 times, his best time being 7 hours 52 minutes (8:45 minute miling) which placed him 33rd overall.  In 2003 he competed in the Den Haag 12 hour race in Holland where he completed a distance of 111km (69 miles) to finish in 6th place. 

Ernie has run numerous ultra distance events, the longest being the 268 mile Spine Race billed as "Britain's Most Brutal Race" which is a race along the entire length of the Pennine Way (finishing in Scotland) in the height of winter in January which he successfully completed in 2015.  He has also competed in the 250 mile Thames Ring, which is England's longest and toughest continuous race, which he has completed twice - in 2011 where he was 12th overall and 2nd over 55 male and in 2013 he was 13th overall and 1st over 55 male.  In 2014 he was 11th in the T184 self supported 184 mile race along the entire length of the Thames and was 1st over 55 male.  He has competed in the 145 mile non-stop Grand Union Canal Race three times with his personal best time of 35 hours 57 minutes being achieved in 2010 placing him 15th in the race and 1st over 50 male.

In 2012 he finished the extremely hilly and tough Hardmoors 110 mile race in 24th place and 1st over 55 male. 

Ernie believes that running is not just about distance, speed is important too. Even though Ernie did not start running until his 40's it was not until he was in his 50's that he achieved his fastest times - at age 52 a sub 40 minute 10k - 39:28 (Chelmsford 10k 2008), at age 53 a 65 minute 10 mile  - 65:02 (Baddow 10 2009)  and sub 7 minute mile pace over 20 miles - 2 hrs 19 mins (2009 Essex 20). 

Also aged 53 in 2009 he ran the Halstead Marathon in 3 hrs 9 mins 28 secs which earned him an Essex Championship silver medal and gave him a qualifying time for the London Marathon in 2010 to start the race with the Fast Good for Age Runners (the fastest age group category runners). 

Best performances (as recorded on Power of 10 British Athletics Statistics Website)

Event PB 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006
10K 39:28


10M 65:02


HM 87:24


20M 2:19:14


Mar 3:09:28

3:28:38 3:15:58 3:09:28


 ULTRA DISTANCE STATISTICS (as shown on DUV Ultra Marathon Statistics Website)

20 search results (20 Events, 3154.39 km). - Results up to 2014 

20143 Events, 521.426 km
22.-25.08.2014T184 Endurance Race184mi
73:24:00 hJewson, Ernest Overall: 11M: 9Cat M55: 1
03.-04.05.2014Thames Path 100100mi
24:55:08 hJewson, Ernest Overall: 94M: 80Cat M55: 3
19.04.2014Compton Downland Challenge40mi
6:53:38 hJewson, ErnestTrail Runners Association Overall: 32M: 31Cat M55: 1
20133 Events, 585.801 km
19.10.2013Rowbotham's Round Rotherham50mi
11:25:52 hJewson, ErnestTrail Running Association Overall: 147M: 121Cat M55: 9
17.08.2013Roseland August Trail – The Plague64mi
17:03:32 hJewson, ErnestTrail Runners Association Overall: 30M: 24Cat M55: 1
03.-07.07.2013Thames Ring 250 Miles250mi
97:10:00 hJewson, Ernest Overall: 13M: 13Cat M55: 1
20121 Event, 177.027 km
01.-03.06.2012Hardmoors 110110mi
33:43:00 hJewson, Ernest Overall: 24M: 23Cat M55: 1
20111 Event, 402.336 km
22.-26.06.2011Thames Ring 250 Miles250mi
95:26:00 hJewson, ErnestBenfleet Running Club Overall: 12M: 12Cat M55: 2
20103 Events, 378.194 km
24.-25.07.2010Lakeland 50 Mile50mi
18:22:43 hJewson, ErnestBenfleet Running Club Overall: 234M: 188Cat M50: 12
29.-31.05.2010Grand Union Canal 145 mile Race145mi
35:57:00 hJewson, ErnestBenfleet Running Club Overall: 15M: 13Cat M50: 1
03.04.2010Compton Downland Challenge40mi
7:49:41 hJewson, ErnestBenfleet Running Club Overall: 65M: 57Cat M50: 5
20082 Events, 170.467 km
12.12.2008Rowbotham's Round Rotherham50mi
11:33:20 hJewson, ErnestBenfleet RC Overall: 71M: 66Cat M50: 3
05.10.2008London to Brighton Race90km
10:50:00 hJewson, ErnestBenfleet Running Club Overall: 13M: 12Cat M50: 1
20072 Events, 313.821 km
08.12.2007Rowbotham's Round Rotherham50mi
11:04:40 hJewson, ErnestBenfleet RC Overall: 95M: 84Cat M50: 7
26.-28.05.2007Grand Union Canal 145 mile Race145mi
39:04:00 hJewson, ErnestBenfleet Running Club Overall: 22M: 18Cat M50: 3
20061 Event, 233.354 km
27.-29.05.2006Grand Union Canal 145 mile Race145mi
44:17:00 hJewson, ErnestBenfleet Running Club Overall: 24M: 22Cat M50: 3
20051 Event, 87 km
02.10.2005London to Brighton Race87km
7:52:45 hJewson, ErnestBenfleet RC/ENG  Overall: 33M: 30Cat M45: 8
20041 Event, 87 km
03.10.2004London to Brighton Race87km
8:25:17 hJewson, ErnestBenfleet Running Club Overall: 37M: 33Cat M45: 4
20031 Event, 110.964 km
21.06.200312 Uur Den Haag12h
110.964 kmJewson, ErnestBenfleet Running Club Overall: 6M: 6Cat M45: 4
20021 Event, 87 km
06.10.2002London to Brighton Race87km
8:20:31 hJewson, ErnestBenfleet Running Club Overall: 31M: 29Cat M45: 6


Debbie achieved her best performances over shorter distances between the age of 48 and 50.  In Debbie Thames Trot2008 at age 48 she was ranked in the national top 50 for her age group over the 5 mile distance. She has won 18 Essex Championship medals including over 45's Gold for marathon distance (2007) Silver for 10k (2008) Bronze for 10 miles (2008 and 2009). She was overall Essex Championship over 45's Bronze medalist (all distances) in 2007 and 2009. In 2009 she finished in 3rd place in both the Mersea 10 mile race (70 minutes) and the Fleetwood Marathon (3h 24m 15s) and was 1st in her age group in both races. In  2010 she  ran her first ultra distance race the Compton 40 and finished 8th lady and 3rd in her age group. Since then she secured her first ultra distance win in 2014 when she took the ladies 1st place prize in the 70 mile Saffron Trail.  She has run the Thames Trot 50 mile race four times finishing 2nd in her age group three times and has completed the 145 mile Grand Union Canal Race three times finishing 1st in her age group in 2011.  She took on the challenge of running the T60 Night Race in 2015 which is a 60 mile un-supported race along the Thames (carrying your own kit and supplies) and finished 5th lady and 1st over 55 female.  Debbie has not always been so fast however. In her 1st marathon in 2002 she finished in 5 hours 38 minutes. 2 years later she had knocked over 2 hours off her marathon time.  She has been inspirational to others showing how it is possible whatever your age to turn from a 5 hour + marathon runner to someone who capable of finishing in the top 3 of a race. She has been advising and helping runners, providing schedules and pacing them in races since 2004. 
Best performances (as recorded on Power of 10 British Athletics Statistics Website)
Event PB 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004
5K 20:19


21:18 20:50
5M 33:40

36:26 36:33
10K 42:23

43:05 42:50
44:04 43:32 42:23
10M 70:00

70:00 70:10

HM 92:10

94:38 93:16
20M 2:32:48

2:32:48 2:34:03

Mar 3:24:15

3:37:35 3:24:15


ULTRA DISTANCE STATISTICS (as shown on DUV Ultra Marathon Statistics Website)

13 search results (13 Events, 1520.824 km)

20151 Event, 96.56 km
09.-10.05.2015T60 Night Race60mi
17:37:00 hGibbins, Deborah Overall: 28F: 5Cat :W55: 1
20144 Events, 490.848 km
12.-13.07.2014Saffron Trail Ultra70mi
20:16:00 hGibbins, Deborah Overall: 14F: 1Cat W50: 1
24.-26.05.2014145mi Grand Union Canal Race145mi
41:09:00 hGibbins, DeborahTrail Running Association Overall: 50F: 8Cat W50: 3
19.04.2014Compton Downland Challenge40mi
7:41:46 hGibbins, DeborahTrail Runners Association Overall: 63F: 6Cat W50: 2
01.02.2014GB Ultra Thames Trot50mi
9:25:44 hGibbins, Deborah Overall: 150F: 27Cat W50: 3
20133 Events, 394.288 km
19.10.2013Rowbotham's Round Rotherham50mi
11:25:52 hGibbins, DeborahTrail Running Association Overall: 146F: 26Cat W50: 4
25.-27.05.2013145mi Grand Union Canal Race145mi
42:36:00 hGibbins, Deborah Overall: 43F: 11Cat W50: 3
02.02.2013GB Ultra Thames Trot50mi
10:20:31 hGibbins, Deborah Overall: 230F: 42Cat W50: 2
20121 Event, 80.467 km
04.02.2012GB Ultra Thames Trot50mi
10:19:07 hGibbins, DeborahBenfleet Running Club Overall: 181F: 30Cat W50: 2
20112 Events, 313.821 km
28.-30.05.2011145mi Grand Union Canal Race145mi
43:28:00 hGibbins, DeborahBenfleet Running Club Overall: 47F: 5Cat W50: 1
05.02.2011GB Ultra Thames Trot50mi
9:49:02 hGibbins, DeborahBenfleet Running Club Overall: 124F: 15Cat W50: 2
20102 Events, 144.84 km
24.-25.07.2010Lakeland 50 Mile50mi
18:22:38 hGibbins, DeborahBenfleet Running Club Overall: 233F: 46Cat W50: 4
03.04.2010Compton Downland Challenge40mi
7:49:40 hGibbins, DeborahBenfleet Running Club Overall: 64F: 8Cat W45: 3