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In short -  anyone

We welcome everyone whether you are complete beginner and new to exercise, an experienced exerciser, a sportsman/sportswoman, young or an older person, even someone suffering from health problems (such as COPD) or requiring  injury rehabilitation.

If you are a runner seeking to improve your performances, someone who would like to start running or if you are training for a race we have extensive knowledge to pass on as we are both experienced runners and we will train you to achieve your maximum. 

Our training is not just about running though, we can put you through a full cardio vascular workout doing floor exercises, using weights (dumbbells and kettlebells), medicine balls, doing step exercise on our Reebok step, and using our resistance cords and Wolverson suspension straps (similar to TRX). 

Cardio vascular exercise is all about working dynamically whatever piece of equipment you use.  Our cardio vascular machines include the exercise bike, cross trainer and treadmill.

Building muscle is important for everyone, it is not just for “body builders”.  We will include strength training in your schedules to your appropriate level.  Our weights start at 0.5kg so anyone can use them!  Our resistance cords range from light to super heavy. 

If you enjoy weights we have a workout bench where you can train with free weights, dumbbells or barbell.  We have an extensive range of weights. 

Kettlebell exercises are very popular and we have a full range of weights starting at 2kg so you will be able to use them even if you are a beginner.

Grassed Area

One of the latest exercise sensations is the ViPR.  This is a very versatile training tool which blends strength training with functional movement.  We can put you through a varied workout using our 6kg ViPR.  

We also have a private secluded grassed area where you can workout when weather permits. 

We will keep the programmes varied so you will never tire of them and we will constantly assess your progress so we can make sure that training never becomes too easy and you will always find it challenging but enjoyable. 

On your first visit we will undertake a fitness and health test to ascertain your current level of fitness and whether there are any medical issues that might impact upon your training.  We will also assess your training needs, goals and targets.  We will then structure a programme to suit you that will be stimulating but also stretch you to reach your targets.

Most people have postural defects they are usually unaware of.  A sedentary lifestyle leads to inherent body alignment issues.  We will provide corrective exercises to improve your posture and minimise any long term problems. 

You can be assured that you will always have fun and will never get bored with our workouts!


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